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Embr is a Seattle-based collective of designers, developers, videographers, musicians and creatives. We thrive on brand challenges and working as your partner to build upon and achieve your goals through design.

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Every brand has a story to tell and in a day where you can digitally shout it from the rooftops, how do you compete through the noise? With market saturation in nearly every niche, it takes a strong brand following and plan that is adaptive to change that will help you stay top of mind.

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  • Ancillary
  • Brand Extension
  • Development
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  • Education
  • Environmental
  • Identity
  • Illustration
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  • Photography
  • Print
  • Project Management
  • Strategy
  • UI Design
  • Wine Drinking
  • Wyoming Anecdotes
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"What I found so great about Embr was that it doesn't take much explaining, even though I'm a talker, to allow them to do what they do best which is collect information. Their attention to detail and the thorough and professional work has allowed my business to attract the exact type of clients I look for and love working with. The vibrant, quality body of work they have produced for me has not only allowed me to stand out amongst my field, it is also in large part responsible for the increase in business that I have had over the last year."

Sean Ferguson / Informed Movement

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