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Announcing the full launch of Embr Creative, a collective of creatives that love to make great work together. What the f*ck is a “collective of creatives” you ask? Well, it’s a few things. A marketing buzzword? Maybe. An honest description? Definitely.

If you have been involved with or working within the creative industry in the last five years, you have witnessed a changing evolution of the way agencies work. When my career started as a designer, big design agencies were the crème de la crème of where you could work as a young artist. Big clients with big budgets and even bigger brand guidelines. As the progression of the internet has opened the doors to great design for lower budgets — think Squarespace and Fiverr — people everywhere can launch a business for little money. Double this up with desire to work remotely — spending less time commuting and more time doing things you love — the traditional agency model has become a challenge.

Having a lease and a payroll means bigger overhead fees for both the agency and the client. Why pay for rent, when you only really value the expertise and execution of great work? Throughout my career, I have met some amazing creatives, people that I work with time and time again because not only do I trust them, but they tend to share the same vision for their clients and selves. Becoming a collective of creatives means offering a wide set of services, without making the “jack of all trades” sacrifice.

In this journal we will be tracking progress, celebrating successes and sharing a few things we have learned along the way. We can’t wait to meet you.


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