Building great partnerships

Grayscale Design Studio
  • Environmental
  • Photography
  • UI Design
The Approach

Flexible services for a strong partnership

Sometimes, when we are approached with a simple project it becomes so much more. With Grayscale Design Studio, we began the relationship with extending brand assets, helping to manage their website and assist in graphics that would be needed in client projects from time to time. The more we worked together, the more clear having a graphics team on their side made the great work they do all the stronger.

Today, we work with Grayscale to capture completed projects, build out additional pages on their website, create environmental graphics for their clients, design way finding signage, write blog posts, shoot assets for social media, and team up on larger scale projects.


Capturing the details

When you do amazing architectural work, it's just as important to create a great case study to show off capabilities and build a client base. Photography services are a key element to capturing the thought, planning and details that differentiate a good project form a great one. Upon completion of a GDS project, we meet with the business owners to capture the finished result, edit and upload photos to Grayscale's website for approval. By taking the leg work out of building a case study for them, they can focus on what they do best.


Extending the website

After creating custom items for a multitude of clients, GDS decided to extend their website to include a product page to showcase furniture and lighting for purchase. We created an index in the established design, and found a solution for purchasing and custom orders that would work on a test basis until a full commerce solution was needed. Stay tuned for the full launch later this year.