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The Approach

Giving new life to a brand.

From household managers to gardeners and personal assistants to nannies, Magnolia Agency is connecting families with trusted professionals to help manage busy households. With a desire for an upscale yet friendly brand refresh, Magnolia Agency wanted to take the best parts of what was working from their current brand and extend it out creating a cohesive, flexible look for every facet of their agency.

The original inspiration

We have a lot of conversations with clients about the differences between a rebrand and a refresh. After all, not everyone needs to completely scrap and old brand if there are parts that are working well. The MA team approached us with a quirky little illustration that they adored, but had a hard time creating a full brand from it. They had a love for unique color palettes and the nuance of hand-crafted elements for it's reflection of what the agency does.

Distilling the goodness

By extracting the core essence of the original illustration, we were able to create the identity. Doors have a great amount of symbolism that can be welcoming and a universal symbol of home and family.

Opening the door

Every home has a personality, just like every family. To reflect this, along with the varying services Magnolia provides, we extended the idea of the door to create a unique icon system for each facet of their offerings.